Eastern College Australia

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Eastern College Australia was founded in 1988. Their current principal is Cheryl McCallum.


staff_ccatfordCheryl McCallum has worked at Eastern College Australia for almost 20 years in various capacities including lecturer and Principal. She has also worked for TEAR Australia, Urban Neighbours of Hope, and as the National Director for the Australian Evangelical Alliance. Cheryl has served on a number of Boards and Reference groups including TEAR Australia National Board, Australian Evangelical Alliance National Board, The Bible Society in Australia (Victoria) Board, Christian Woman Magazine Reference Board, Micah Challenge Reference Group and the Sophia Think-tank. Her passions include bible engagement, biblical equality and women in ministry. She enjoys reading, travelling, drinking coffee and spending time with her two adult children, son-in-law and granddaughter. Cheryl is an ordained Churches of Christ minister and worships at One Community Church in Blackburn.