Stewardship Consulting

As part of our goal to enrich training centres of pastoral leadership with personalized support, the SSA staff engages with each alliance administration as we together craft a strategy for stewardship on your campus. There may be no greater way to impact future pastors and leaders than for your training institution to teach and model excellence in Creation Care. This is why we bring with us specific tools for conducting campus-wide audits (which bring with them the added value of cost savings), and a portfolio of institutional models for good stewardship practices and pedagogy. We will bring our expertise to you and help you craft a strategy for both the development of curriculum as well as a plan for reducing your carbon footprint in your local region.

In addition, we organize monthly phone calls to connect you with partner members for cross fertilization, and in some cases, where needed, we will provide you with an implementation grant to fund any staffing and coordinating efforts you might need. We believe that your institution has the potential to reconnect untold thousands with God’s sacrificial presence and ongoing desire for restored creation.