Houghton College

Located in Houghton, New York, Houghton College has been educating men and women in the liberal arts and sciences since 1883. Houghton College’s current president is Shirley Mullen.


Houghton College provides an academically challenging, Christ-centered education in the liberal arts and sciences to students from diverse traditions and economic backgrounds and equips them to lead and labor as scholar-servants in a changing world.


brian-webb-photoBrian Webb serves as the Sustainability Coordinator at Houghton College, where he leads the institution’s efforts to promote wise environmental stewardship.  This includes energy reduction, co-curricular educational programming, coordinating with curricular sustainability efforts, and overseeing the college’s climate neutrality goals.  Brian holds a Master of Science in Experiential Education from Minnesota State University and a Master of Liberal Arts in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard Extension School.  In addition to his role at Houghton, Brian also works for a non-profit called Care of Creation, where he serves as the Director of Climate Caretakers—a campaign that seeks to mobilize Christians to pray and act on climate change.

eli-knapp-photoEli J. Knapp thrives on interactions.  Interactions between ideas, classes, disciplines, and—most interesting to him—interactions between people and the natural world.  Eli studies Human Ecology, a sub-discipline of ecology that studies the science of human-nature interactions.  As part of this, he has studied various socio-ecological systems in East Africa, focusing particularly on the plight of poor people living around large national parks.  Eli is a professor of Intercultural Studies and Biology at Houghton College, in western New York.  For the last decade, he has brought students to Africa as director of the Houghton-in-Tanzania program.  When Eli is not involved in an experiential learning foray with students, he enjoys dreaming about hobbies and hanging out with his wife, Linda, and three kids: Ezra, Indigo, and Willow.