Bethany Theological Seminary

Founded in 1905, Bethany Theological Seminary is located in Richmond, Indiana. Their current president is Jeffrey William Carter.


Bethany Theological Seminary equips spiritual and intellectual leaders with an Incarnational education for ministering, proclaiming, and living out God’s shalom and Christ’s peace in the church and world.


Nate InglisDr. Nate Inglis is Assistant Professor of Theological Studies at Bethany Theological Seminary. He received a BA at the University of Washington and a Master of Arts in Religion at Yale Divinity School. He earned his PhD at Fordham University with a focus on the theological method of Gordon Kaufman. He teaches courses in ecological theology, environmental ethics, and the theological imagination. His current research interests include constructive Anabaptist theology and ecological theology.


Jonathan StaufferJonathan Stauffer is a resident student and Master of Arts candidate a Bethany Theological Seminary. He serves as the student liaison for SSA at Bethany. Jonathan was raised in the Church of the Brethren tradition where he learned about Christ’s way of peaceful reconciliation and developed an ethic of service. He grew up on a family farm in northwestern Illinois an attributes those early outdoor experiences in connecting with God and creation. Jonathan received his undergraduate degree in physics from Manchester University at North Manchester, Indiana (formerly Manchester College) in 2006. After graduation, Jonathan explored sustainable energy career options by working part-time as an assistant solar panel installer and completed a certificate in wind technology from Sauk Valley Community College. He also began volunteering as a summer camp counselor and has continued serving for several years at various Church of the Brethren camps in the Midwest. Jonathan later enrolled in Brethren Volunteer Service and served as an advocacy assistant to the denomination’s Office of Public Witness in Washington, DC. It was through this work that he connected the principles of the Christian faith with addressing current issues of environmental degradation and food insecurity, and subsequently felt called to attend seminary for further study in 2014. Jonathan’s interests at seminary focus on theological studies around topics such as ecological awareness with Christian spirituality, food justice, and summer camp ministry. He has written two articles for Messenger, a periodical produced by the Church of the Brethren ( He is also a contributor for the Dunker Punks podcasts.


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