Additional Creation Care Resources

SSA Conference Power Point Presentations This page contains downloadable power point presentations used by our guest speakers at the SSA conference.

Hiring a Sustainability Coordinator This page contains advice and resources pertaining to the hiring of a sustainability coordinator for your campus.

Creation Care Themes Throughout Scripture This straightforward guide introduces the ten prevailing creation care themes found throughout the scriptures.

Krueger’s Full Guide to Creation Care Quotes Thanks to the outstanding scholarship and research of Fred Krueger, this full guide to creation care quotes traces the history of Christian leaders who have advocated protecting the earth.

Creation Care Hymns A list of hymns and contemporary songs for creation care themed worship, as well as links to additional worship resources.

Creation Care Sermon Outlines These sermon outlines, by veteran preacher, theologian, and author Dr. Ellsworth Kalas, feature creation care themes.

Creation Care Reading Room This is a very in-depth resource for those preaching and teaching on creation care without access to a theological library.