Seminary Stewardship Alliance

The Seminary Stewardship Alliance (SSA) is a consortium of schools dedicated to reconnecting Christians with the biblical call to care for God’s creation. Our goal is for member seminaries to teach, preach, live, inspire, and hold each other accountable for good stewardship practices. The Christian faith occupies a central role in our culture. Seminaries equip, train, and inspire the future leaders of the church, thereby having a powerful effect across denominations and throughout the world.

Specifically, the SSA:

  1. Catalyzes sustainable practices in seminaries
  2. Advances scholarship on creation care
  3. Nourishes dialog within and among seminaries

What are people saying about the SSA?

“The Seminary Stewardship Alliance allows us to recapture the biblical relationship between the doctrine of God as Creator and our stewardship of His creation. Moving from the narrow perspective of environmentalism to the deeper foundations and perspective of creation care may be one of the most vital movements of our time.”- Dr. Timothy Tennent, President, Asbury Theological Seminary

“We in the seminaries are preparing future leaders of the church, and as seminarians discover the importance and the joy of entering into creation care efforts, it’s going to begin to ripple out throughout the world and for generations to come.”- The Reverend Michael Cooper-White, D.D., President, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg

“We’re growing leaders for the future who understand that their faith and the faith of their parishioners need to be informed by how to care for creation.”- Dr. Chris Elisara, Director, Creation Care Studies