Fuller Theological Seminary Hires Sustainability Coordinator

fullerWith the support of a seed grant from Blessed Earth, founding SSA Partner Fuller Theological Seminary has recently hired Mr. Jacob Cook, a PhD student in Christian Ethics, to be their first Sustainability Coordinator. Mr. Cook is providing administrative and organizational support for the institutional conversation of just stewardship and environmental sustainability. In coordination with Fuller’s SSA Liaison, Dr. Tommy Givens, Mr. Cook is solidifying an action team for developing a seminary-specific stewardship plan and executing a sustainability audit. The action team’s research will touch on facilities, curriculum, relationships with other local institutions, and relationships with some key food sources.

Mr. Cook’s work as Sustainability Coordinator is broad in its approach. In addition to assisting the Facilities Director in performing an energy audit, Cook is also working to equip Fuller graduates to go into their various ministries with sensitivity to the stewardship of creation. The Stewardship team at Fuller is looking for both curricular and co-curricular ways of integrating care for creation in innovative ways. Ultimately, their goal is to foster a long-standing institutional commitment to apply the Christian principles of stewardship to our society’s policies for the protection of our environment and to support the call for simpler lifestyles which reflect care in the use of all the earth’s resources.

Currently the action team is encouraging workshops and events that are both related to greening campus and individual lives and organized around matters of student interest. A budding student group is meeting every other week around a lunch table and planning to offer roughly one workshop each month. These workshops partner with local organizations on topics such as edible school gardens, energy consumption and alternative energy sources, composting, clothing repair and modification, and cooking with whole foods.